Director & Producer

Marcel Michalaris studied Εlectronic Εngineering in Thessaloniki. After completing his studies, he worked as a lighting designer in theatrical and concert productions. He moved to Athens in 2007 and began working as a cinematographer. At the same time he made several trips in Europe and North America.
Marcel is a co-founder of Weekend Films and has directed short films, numerous music videos and documentaries that are mainly focused on music.


Based On An Idea By

Akis Safaris graduated from Stavrakos School of Film and Television. He has worked for over two decades as a photographer and lighting designer for the theater and as a DOP in Tv productions, commercials, documentaries and features, where he still works today.


Director Of Photography

Konstantinos Galios studied Εlectronic Εngineering in Thessaloniki. Then he completed his postgraduate studies on "Advanced Information Systems: Vision & Sound" at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His main interest is photography and in the past has made several personal and collective exhibitions.
Konstantinos is a co-founder of Weekend Films and works as a DΟP on documentaries, short films, music videos and commercials.



Tania Giannouli studied piano, advanced theory and composition at Athenaeum Conservatory. Her main area of interest is mixed-media music, and she is frequently engaged (either as a performer or a composer) in projects that combine music with visuals, text and speech. Her music for films and theatre has been performed at many festivals throughout the world.
Improvisation is a major part of Tania’s musical life. She is a founder member of both 4+1 and Schema Ensemble, which performed in the Synch International Electronic Music Festival in 2010. Both Dissonart Ensemble and the Athens Youth Orchestra have performed her compositions. Tania also founded Emotone with electronic music composer, Tomas Weiss. She  is currently collaborating on a project with one of the most important Greek writers, Evgenios Aranitsis.



Christos Michalaris studied editing at Iek Akmi. He has participated in a number of short films, music videos and commercials as editor, cameraman and director. In 2012 his short film "You Better Pray" premiered at the 9th Naoussa International Film Festival.


Associate Producer

Vasilis Skodras was born in Kozani in 1986. He studied at School of Fine Arts (Film department) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He graduated with Master’s degree in 2010. His thesis was: Online distribution of audiovisual content -D-Cinemas. While in Thessaloniki, he worked as a production manger and executive producer in films and theatrical productions.
In 2012 Vasilis was selected to participate at Berlinale Talent Campus. He intends to complete, by 2014, a creative music documentary titled "Concerts: The Off - Stage People" while he continues his research about the online distribution of audiovisual content in Europe.


Weekend Films is a production company which aims to develop and produce documentary and feature films. Also, its goal is to create innovative music and commercial videos. It was co-founded in Thessaloniki, Greece by Marcel Michalaris and Konstantinos Galios. The creative team consists of talented and experienced screenwriters, cinematographers, sound designers, editors and directors.

Weekend Films handles each project as a unique creative challenge. The company’s activities -from pre-production to production and post-production- are continuously evolved and improved.

In summary, Weekend Films seeks to narrate interesting stories, efficiently developed and delivered as highly artistic and aesthetic works.